RCA Consulting
'Helping Companies Grow'

Helping Companies Grow

Approach to Growth Strategy

Many company executives think they understand the true core of their business, but often aren't willing to challenge the status quo.  RCA Consulting asks the tough questions that help you understand where you are in the business lifecycle.  The Focus, Expand and Redefine cycle was pioneered by Chris Zook in his bestselling business book ‘Profit from the Core’.

Your business core is the set of products, capabilities, customers, channels and geographies that defines the essence of what the company is.  Maximizing the core is key to driving results and developing a successful growth plan. 

The best growth strategies should have a strong profit pool, provide a market leadership position and have a clear sense of relatedness to the business core. Many companies think their growth strategy is closer to the core than it really is and often select growth options that have little chance for success.

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