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'Helping Companies Grow'

Helping Companies Grow

Case Studies

Growth Strategy

A regional logistics provider was highly concentrated in a single industry segment and relied on one customer for over 50% of their annual revenue.  Their business was highly seasonal with peak revenue in the summer.  In prior years, the company had tried several different approaches to grow their business including acquiring another hauling company and attempting to start up a local line haul operation.  Unfortunately, none of their efforts worked and they eventually shut down the business that they had acquired. 

RCA Consulting helped the owners define their core business by assessing key assets, customers, capabilities and geographies.  The company realized that while they had a strong core, they were not close to tapping the full potential of the industry segment they had known so well for decades.  The assessment showed that they only had about 15% of their top ten customer’s revenue, yet all of the remaining potential business was in the very industry segment that they knew so well.  The company implemented a structured business development plan supported by reallocating existing personnel that resulted in new customers and reduced the reliance on their top customer.

Acquisition Target Screening

An international food processor wanted to grow market share, move into new strategic product lines and double their revenue, but were capacity constrained at their current facility.  They viewed mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as one way to achieve their growth targets and initially asked RCA Consulting to conduct high level due diligence on two targets.  After reviewing the analysis, the company realized that they needed to take a more comprehensive look at potential targets to be sure they were focused on the right acquisitions that met their strategic goals.  RCA Consulting developed a disciplined target screening approach that supported the overall business strategy.  Screening filters were established that prioritized the strategic gaps facing the company.  Beginning with an initial list of 30 potential acquisition candidates, RCA Consulting helped the company distill the list to a more manageable number for detailed assessment and business case analysis.  This approach helped the company avoid unnecessary costs associated with extended research of inappropriate candidates as well as the potential distraction from core business issues.

Brand Strategy and Channel Integration

A national furniture manufacturer with a strong reputation for quality and service acquired a small regional brand in the Pacific Northwest.  As they began to integrate the two companies, they struggled with the defining the best approach to branding the businesses and integrating the selling channels and staff.  They wanted to maximize the potential of their national offering, but did not want to lose the regional appeal of the new acquisition.  RCA Consulting helped the company develop an integration plan that leveraged the acquiring company’s brand on a national basis and retained the regional brand within their selling channels.  The company also implemented an action plan to integrate their distributor network, marketing materials and supply chain.  


Operations Assessment

An injection molding company with multiple manufacturing plants across the country had seen revenue decline nearly 30% due to the economic downturn.  They had cut back discretionary spending and reduced headcount, but were concerned about their excess capacity and continuity of their core business processes in their slimmed down mode.  The company had completed three bolt-on acquisitions in the prior two years, but had not fully integrated them.  The President of the company was also concerned that the current organizational model was not structured properly to capture the cross-selling synergies created by the acquisitions.  RCA Consulting was asked to assess operations of all manufacturing locations including key business processes in order to identify business risks, improvement opportunities and best practices to share among all locations.   The final deliverable included recommendations for a new organizational model that aligned sales and marketing with the key market verticals to support the company’s growth plans.

Business Systems

A private equity firm wanted to get closer to the operations of their portfolio companies, without changing the entrepreneurial spirit of their companies or removing their autonomy.   RCA Consulting helped them develop a business system that ‘added structure, without adding infrastructure’.  The business system included standard and company specific metrics, operational audits and leadership assessments of the key portfolio company managers.  The system became a key element of future acquisitions and is used as a template after new deals are closed.

Interim General Manager

A high precision machining company had just completed an acquisition and recognized that they needed to insert new leadership to immediately change the direction of the new business.  They did not have the internal resources available to re-allocate to this role, so they turned to RCA Consulting to fill the interim General Manager role.  The objective was to 'set the table' for the new General Manager through assessing and restructructing the organization, implementing management controls and improving the key business processes that drove critical metrics including on time delivery, safety and productivity.  RCA Consulting also assisted in the recruitment, hiring and seamless transition to the permanent General Manager.